I specialise in the following treatments

Deep tissue massage

for those persistent chronic pains

Swedish therapeutic massage

best for back pain

Ear candling

effective way of cleansing the built-up of wax

Manual therapy

spine setting treatment given as a separate or complimentary treatment according to individual assessment


offered complimentary to treatments as indicated by individual patient assessment

Movement therapy

complimentary treatment tailored to individual patient needs

Lymphatic drainage treatment

effective treatment after surgical procedures and lymphedema

Relaxation massage

something for body and spirit

The list of treatments above is non-exhaustive, but just a general overview of what I offer at my Practice and home visits.

Back pain is the most frequent complaint. However, patients also present with the hurting neck, shoulders and arms. A so-called slipped disk, sciatica and painful knees also call for professional help.

In case of mechanical, traumatic injuries, all that is often required is a consultation, therapy and setting up a plan of action.

In case of chronic ailments, a series of treatments is recommended. It is absolutely natural that when a problem has taken considerable time to develop, it will also take time to heal.

A lot of techniques I use are complimentary to the main listed treatments, for example manual therapy, kinesiotaping or movement therapy. Decision on whether to use them is tailored individually to the patient’s needs. Therefore, they usually do not form a separate treatment, unless such is the patient’s wish or indication for it recognised.

My experience tells me that often patients come with one issue, and they learn about another. This, however, is quite normal, because when one part of our body hurts, other parts take on some of its functions, need to “work harder” as a consequence, and tense. Therefore I act holistically. Not only the spine, but also the neck, shoulders, arms, hips, buttocks and whatever it takes to make you feel better!

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