Gift card

Gift card

Give a unique feel-good gift!

“Buy a gift card for a massage of your choice at my practice”

A gift of massage is a unique gift for many occasions, such as birthdays, name days, hen or stag parties, Christmas, St Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries or other anniversaries as well as a spontaneous gift on no specific occasion.

The list is extensive and open to our imagination. Massage can be great for young and older persons, for those fit and those unwell – all of us can benefit from its therapeutic properties and a moment of relaxation.

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Such a gift, compared to more material gifts, says something more. It speaks of our care for the other person, and will certainly be remembered and received with pleasant surprise and gratitude.

Don’t put it off

The card is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.


Gift cards can be purchased for a specific treatment, kept “flexible” – topped up with a certain sum of money, or as a voucher for a series of treatments.

High quality

Vouchers are printed on professional printing paper and delivered in an elegant envelope. Shipping to the specified address free of charge as requested or personal collection.

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Once you have sent your message, we will contact you to arrange detailed payment and shipping.