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I am a physiotherapist and masseur

I have been working in the profession for over 25 years. I am originally from Wrocław, where I gained my knowledge and furthered my education by learning from the best specialists.

For the last 15 years I have successfully run a private massage practice in London and I have worked for the British NHS (National Health Service)

Career path

Experience. Passion.

My name is Sebastian Fluder. I am a qualified physiotherapist and masseur. I am from Wrocław, Poland, where I studied and broadened my knowledge, learning from experts.

I have extensive professional experience of over 25 years as a physiotherapist and masseur.

In Poland, I worked with disabled patients who suffered from a range of neurological disorders (spinal fracture, spinal pain, stroke), orthopaedic disorders (fractures, limb contractures) and geriatric disorders (rehabilitation of elderly patients). I also gained experience working as a physiotherapist and masseur in a care home in Wrocław, where I established and run a physical therapy and rehabilitation unit. Throughout this period, I run my own Massage and Rehabilitation Practice in Wrocław.

I lived in London for 15 years and there I successfully run a private practice. I also worked for the National Health Service (NHS) with patients with long term conditions and terminally ill, the latest experience being working throughout the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, together with my family, I returned to Poland where I intend to continue my work by helping to look after the health and wellbeing of my local community.

While studying physiotherapy, I developed a keen interest in massage and its influence on human health. I have since broadened my knowledge on human wellbeing thanks to my professional experience as well as training courses and independent study. When giving massage, I deepen the understanding of human body, mind, and spirit  and their relationships, which helps me to increase the effectiveness of my therapy. This could be confirmed by many satisfied patients who appreciate my professionalism.  

Sebastian Fluder

Physiotherapist, massage therapist

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