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I combine a range of massage and rehabilitation techniques to advance the effects of treatment.



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Correct rehabilitation

Detailed history as the basis for treatment

A detailed interview and thorough functional examination allows me to look at the problem from a broad perspective.

My many years of experience as a massage therapist-physiotherapist, my empathy, the knowledge I have gained from professional courses and working among a multicultural society abroad, allows me to choose the right techniques to improve the patient’s health. When massaging, I explore my understanding of the human body, mind, spirit and the interrelationships between them, thus increasing the effectiveness of my treatments.


I will do my utmost...

…to serve the local community with my skills, knowledge and experience, whether it is improving functional skills in long-term conditions or remedying the effects of an accident or injury; supporting convalescence.

Holistic therapy and care

Therapy. Planning. Course of action.

Sebastian Fluder

Physiotherapist, massage therapist

The recently popular concept of holistic therapy and care, as I understand it, simply means a comprehensive and optimised approach to a patient’s health problems.

Therapy planning

Scheduling therapy every few days creates the conditions for proper recovery and provides the opportunity to assess recovery and treatment progress.

Course of treatment

During therapy, I try to get the patient to participate actively. This results in a real increase in the patient's awareness of his or her body and understanding of the cause of the problem, which in turn contributes to preventing recurrence.



„I always give my best to satisfy your needs”

The series of head massage treatments was very helpful for my recurrent headaches.

Anna Rzeszów

After the treatment I felt lighter, on the next day – as per Sebastian’s words – quite achy, however after that it was only better!

Lucyna Boguchwała

No one will put you back on your feet better than Sebastian!

Mirek Rzeszów

I keep returning to Sebastian when life gets stressful and my back starts hurting again. Sometimes I just do not have time for some me-time 🙂 - only for the rescue!

Beata Rzeszów

Sebastian arrived when I was literally on the floor, unable to get up. He adjusted to the circumstances, and he got me up, for which I am grateful! Also, for the possibility of the home visit!

Mieczysław Rzeszów

Once every few months we treat ourselves to this spa in the quiet of our home. I highly recommend Sebastian’s services!

Joanna Ealing, Londyn

Sebastian worked with me after a serious injury, which left me disabled for good. I am grateful that now I can be a more able disabled person.

Andrzej Hounslow, Londyn

At first I was uneasy about some manipulations suggested, however surprisingly they have helped and I felt in safe hands.

Julia Rzeszów

Well, ok, I admit I am too lazy for the few exercises I was given. Instead, I promise to come back again, lol!

Darek Brentford, London

Seria zabiegów masażu głowy bardzo pomogła mi na moje dolegliwości.

Anna Balham, Londyn

Po zabiegu czułam się lżej, na drugi dzień, zgodnie z zapowiedziami Pana Sebastiana – obolała, a potem było już dużo lepiej!

Dora Tooting, Londyn

Nikt tak nie stawia na nogi jak Sebastian!

Mirek Bracknell

Wracam do Pana Sebastiana kiedy dopada mnie stres i znowu bolą plecy. Czasem po prostu nie mam czasu na więcej czasu dla siebie 🙂 , to po prostu ratunek!

James Ealing, Londyn

Pan Sebastian zastał mnie na podłodze i z niej „podniósł”, dosłownie i w przenośni. Dziękuję, także za możliwość wizyty w domu!

Mieczysław Brent Cross, Londyn

Raz na pół roku robimy sobie taki prezent - spa w zaciszu własnego domu. Gorąco polecam usługi Pana Sebastiana!

Joanna Luton

Sebastian ćwiczył ze mną po poważnym wypadku, który uczynił mnie niepełnosprawnym na dobre. Jestem wdzięczny, że mogę być sprawniejszym niepełnosprawnym.

Andrzej Hounslow, Londyn

Z początku bałam się pewnych manipulacji, ale o dziwo pomogły i w rękach Pana Sebastiana czułam się bezpiecznie.

Julia High Wycombe

Przyznaję, że nie chce mi się robić tych kilku zadanych ćwiczeń. Za to na pewno jeszcze się zjawię!!!

Darek Brentford, Londyn
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